NFC • 2019

Nashville Football Club.

NFC • 2019

Nashville Football Club

About NFC

The Nashville Football Club is dedicated to bringing Nashville establishments together in a single forum for one massive pick'em football challenge. Join your favorite bar, workplace or group of friends to take on the city of Nashville!

You and your teammates will not only be able to compete interally each week and over the entire season, but against other teams for bragging rights across the entire city.

So how does it work? Each week throughout the college football season we will post a set of games that every member of every team will be able to pick from. These games are created based on the weekend schedule and using the current Vegas spread for each game at the time the game is created.

In the game above you can see that Maryland will be playing NC State, with Maryland being a favorite by 8.5 points. If you believe NC State can either win the game outright, or stay within 8 points of Maryland, then you should pick NC State to win the game.

That's all there is to it. Do your best to pick the winners and put your team on top of the city of Nashville!

Contact us at for details about creating a team for your bar, workplace or group of friends.